Hello, and thank you for participating in our code comprehension study.

This study should take roughly an hour. If you don’t have an hour of uninterrupted time right now, please close this email now and come back later when you have a whole hour free.

Attached to this email is a consent form and our code comprehension test. Please follow the instructions listed in the test and answer every question in the order it's presented. In addition, since you are completing this survey remotely, please be extra careful to avoid:

  • Distractions - This test takes concentration, so please try to work in a quiet, isolated environment.
  • Outside resources - This test is supposed to help us understand how programmers comprehend C/C++ programs, not how well programmers can use Google. Please do not use any outside material, and do not execute the code on an actual computer. The results of your test will be anonymized and your answers will not be attributed to you.
  • Silent misunderstandings - If, after the test is over, you believe you did something that does not comply with our procedure, please let us know so we can decide whether or not to use your data.

  • Thanks again!