The first page is the consent form. Please take a moment to read it over. If you agree with what it says, please sign and date at the bottom.

[Wait for them to sign the consent form]

The second page gives the instructions for the study. It tells you that you will be shown four questions. Each question is a snippet of code. Before you read the code, please note the start time. Once you are done, please write down your end time. The time only needs to be precise to the minute (like 10:35am). You can write anywhere on the page, including the backside of other papers. But please write your answers on the horizontal lines provided, and write as clearly as possible. The question pages do not list your name, just a randomly assigned subject ID, so you won’t be personally judged on how well you answered the questions.

[Wait for them to finish all 4 test questions]

Please don’t forget there is a demographic survey at the end.

[Wait for them to finish the survey]

I will need your signature as a confirmation that you received payment.